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Identity Card Form
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1. Full Name of Artisan
Name Of the Head Of the Unit/HouseHold,If Any
2. Gender:
   Male    Female    Transgender
3. Date of Birth:
Please Attach DOB Proof (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
4. Address
House No./Bldg./Apt.
Post Office.
District. State. Pin Code.
Email. Mobile No.
5. Educational Qualification.
Technical Qualification
Please Attach Technical Certificate: (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
6. Social Group:
Please specify Other Social Group
Social Group Attachment (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
Economic Group:
APL BPL Antyodya
Card No.(APL/BPL/Antoydya)
Please Attach Card: (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
7. Bank Details(of the Unit):
Bank Name/Branch State:
Account No: IFSC Code
Account Holder Name:
Bank Detail Attachment: (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
8. Aadhaar No.
Aadhaar Aadhar Card. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
9. PAN Card No.(Applicant)
Pan Card of the Applicant. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
10. PAN Card No.(of Unit)
Pan Card of the Unit. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
11. Identity Card number of Handicrafts/Handloom artisan,If any.
ID Card of Handicrafts/Handloom Artisan. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg)
12. Name of the Jute Product/s/Crafts Manufactured
Any Other ,Please Specify  
ID Proof of Manufacturing. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
13. Address of Manufacturing
14. Year Of Experiencing in Manufacturing Jute Products/Crafts
Date of Commencement of Production
15. Annual income from Jute Products/Crafts(in Rs.)
16. Annual Income from Other Sources: Agriculture/Other   Rs.
17. Family Details (Family Consists of artisans, His/Her spouse & dependent minor children only)
Member Name. Member Age Relation
18. Name Of Unit
(i) Registration Number:-
Name of Issuing Authority  
(ii) Year Of Registration:
(iii) Turn Over(Rs):- Below 1 lakh/1-5 Lakh/5-25 Lakh/above 25 lakh
(iv) Total Artisans Employed:-
(Hired)/Household Member(self Employed)
Hired Household Total
19. Holding Credit Card.
ACC.    SCC.  Other.
20. Recipient of Any Award National Award State Award Shilp Guru SMC NMC Other
Please Specify:-
Proof for Status of Awardee. (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
21. GST Regitration No.
GST Registration Certificate (File Format gif,jpeg,png,jpg,pdf)
I certified that information provided by me and information contained herein is my own and is true, correct and accurate.

Applicant's Sigunature/Thumb Print
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